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Apartamentos Mar Blanca

The environment offered by Menorca is, undoubtedly, one of the most privileged of the Mediterranean coast.

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993, Menorca, which has also contributed to the environmental respect with which almost all buildings and infrastructures on the island have been carried out.

Ideal climate, paradisiacal beaches, imposing cliffs, fascinating coves, charming towns, exquisite gastronomy and the kindness of its people. These are just some of the reason why Menorca is a truly different world.
Castle of Sant Nicolau
Strategically located in the port of Ciutadella, it is built in marés (a stone extracted from the island quarries).The castle has a truncated pyramid shape. In its vaulted interior and with a column in the center is where food and arms were stored.
Cathedral of Santa María de
This Cathedral-Basilica is the most central and highest point of the city of Ciutadella.This Catalan Gothic style temple was built between the 13th and 14th centuries by order of Alfonso III of Aragon, after conquering the island that was then Muslim territory. The cathedral received the title of minor basilica in 1953.
Cala Turqueta
For many people, the most beautiful virgin cove of the island. Cala Turqueta is an idyllic cove, with turquoise water and fine, white sand. It is completely surrounded by pine trees and divided by a rocky overhang. It takes its from the color of the water, reminiscent of the clearer and crystalline turquoise.
Pedrera de s'Hostal
This enclosure of quarries of marés (a typical stone of Menorca) forms one of the most spectacular landscapes of the island. Inside, there is also a botanical garden and some areas where you can see the mark of the manual and mechanical extractions that were made in the stone